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Thanks for participating in the beta test for the new Arc-1 firmware. 

First, make sure you have a pair of Arc-1 headphones and they're working normally.

Next, you will need access to a Windows PC.  Unfortunately there is no existing utility for Mac or Linux, we apologize if this is an inconvenience. 

Next, download this file and unzip it to a location on your PC that is easy to find. 

Then, follow these instructions to install the new firmware on your headphones. 

1. Open the folder "Arc-1 Beta Firmware Update"
2. Connect the headphones to your PC via USB.  The LEDs should light up to indicate battery charging.
3. Hold down the Power, Volume Up, and Pairing buttons at the same time until the first LED turns red. (about 10 seconds.)
4. Double-click to run update.bat. When prompted, press "Y" then return, to update the headphone. 
5. Wait for the update process to complete. 
6. The utility should finish and the LEDs on the headphone should turn white again. You can disconnect the headphone from USB now. 
7. That's it! Your headphones are updated to the new firmware.  Start testing!
Once you've tested the firmware thoroughly, please complete this survey.