Arc-1 aptX LL compatibility fix

Qualcomm AptX Low Latency is still a relatively rare codec and support for it is far from universal.  After launching the Arc-1 we found that the aptX LL implementation on the headphone has issues recognizing many aptX LL transmitters on the market. 

We have prepared a fix for this, but unfortunately the Qconnect feature can't co-exist with this fix.  So, if you choose to update to this firmware, Qconnect will stop working. Please be sure before updating. 

Download the update here. 


How to install: 

  1. Download and unzip the file.  Make sure you can find the folder where you extract the contents of the zip file. 
  2. Connect your Arc-1 headphones to your Windows PC via USB (unfortunately OSX and Linux support is not possible at this time). 
  3. On the headphone, hold the power, volume up, and Bluetooth pairing buttons simultaneously.  After about 10 seconds a single red LED will turn on. 
  4. Navigate to the folder 'Step 1' and run 'update.bat'.  Windows may show an error about an unknown publisher or unsafe file because this file is not common.  You can ignore this - press "more info" or "advanced" and continue. 
  5. When prompted, press "y" and hit return. Wait for the update to complete. 
  6. The headphone will start blinking rapidly and saying "power on".  This is OK.  As in step 3, hold the buttons until the red LED turns on. 
  7. Navigate to the folder 'Step 2' and run update.bat.  Repeat the instructions from Step 4. 
  8. The update should complete. Unplug the headphone from your PC and power it on as normal.  That's it!  You should now have fully repaired aptX compatibility.