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What is Aiwa Labs?

Aiwa Labs is our way of making sure our best customers have a say in product development.  Although there are many factors that guide the creation of a new product, we want to put our customers' feedback front and center. 

When you join Aiwa Labs, we'll let you know more about our product development process, you'll find out about new products first, and you'll get the first chance to buy our new releases.  You also get a chance to try out and give feedback on products before they're released, from early concept to beta / gamma level.

There is also a closed Facebook group where we discuss product development and share feedback on new products - we welcome you to join if you're interested! 

Aiwa Labs Products

Aiwa Labs products can be different than a "production" product.  They often have stripped-down packaging, may not come with final accessories or documentation, and will often have a few rough edges. 

We usually do charge money for Aiwa Labs products, but there are usually generous rebates for giving feedback, and the return policy lasts for a full year. 

If you'd like to learn more about Aiwa Labs, check out the longer explanation at http://labs.aiwa.co/