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News Release: Aiwa Launches The Exos-9

The Exos-9, launched today by Aiwa, is a new portable Bluetooth speaker designed for serious, powerful sound.

CHICAGO — March 17, 2015
Aiwa announced today the launch of its new product, the Exos-9. With 100W of sound and 5 active drivers, the Exos-9 is the only portable Bluetooth speaker that can actually replace an entire home stereo.

Aiwa: Bringing Music Out Of The Background

Like many people, we grew up in a home with a “real” stereo. Music wasn’t just a background for our times together, it was more of a foundation. Saturday afternoons, holidays, and parties wouldn’t have been the same without a proper stereo to play music. Unfortunately, those experiences just don’t happen as often, since a lot of today’s audio equipment is so focused on solo listening. We’re taking this opportunity to bring these experiences back with modern audio formats and technology.