Aiwa: Bringing Music Out Of The Background

Like many people, we grew up in a home with a “real” stereo. Music wasn’t just a background for our times together, it was more of a foundation. Saturday afternoons, holidays, and parties wouldn’t have been the same without a proper stereo to play music. Unfortunately, those experiences just don’t happen as often, since a lot of today’s audio equipment is so focused on solo listening. We’re taking this opportunity to bring these experiences back with modern audio formats and technology.

There are plenty of decent $50 Bluetooth speakers that can fit in your bag, and if all you need is something a bit louder than the speaker on your phone or laptop, that’s great. We’re not going to try and replace that. Nor are we trying to cater to the high-end audiophile with $1,000 audio cables and $20,000 turntables. We respect their dedication to fine audio, but we’re not here to push the envelope of boutique gear. We want to deliver a true listening experience – an experience that grabs you, pure and simple. Whether you are entertaining an audience of one, two, a family of four, or a whole party, the simple truth is you need good equipment to unleash the emotional power of good music.

The Aiwa brand has long stood for straightforward expectations of quality and reliability, and we’re bringing a renewed focus to these true listening experiences. When we say “Listening Experience”, we mean the whole entire experience of listening to music or other audio. This is in contrast to making our products the smallest, or the loudest, or the cheapest, or the most outdoorsy, etc. – it’s about balance. It’s about paying attention to everything that matters when you’re listening – volume, bass, treble, mids, portability, battery life, even the looks. It’s about keeping the power to control your music and your sound in your hands at all times.

Overall, building speakers and home audio equipment is a technical enterprise – defining specs, tuning drivers, and so on. But these dry, meticulous, quantitative tasks are all part of delivering an emotional experience, and we never lose sight of that. We’re not just working to build the best equipment we can, we’re working to build you a better family dinner, a better date night, a better dance party – and all of us here are extremely excited to share that work with you.

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