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Agreement between US and Japan Unites Aiwa


(USA & EU) Agreement between Aiwa in the US and Aiwa Japan paves the way to broad cooperation

TOKYO, JAPAN & CHICAGO, USA September 8, 2020 – Aiwa Corporation of Chicago and Aiwa Co, Ltd of Japan have entered into an agreement on intellectual property rights in the USA & EU that has ushered in broad cooperation on product development, marketing and distribution with a vision to rebuild the global Aiwa brand.

“As we near the 70th anniversary of Aiwa’s founding, it is exciting to have Aiwa Corporation (US) join forces with Aiwa Co (Japan) and assemble a team that is not only formidable in its resources and scale but provides so much continuity with Aiwa’s founding. This team has members and vendors that have been a part of the organization for decades.” said Aiwa Corp’s Chairman Mike Sullivan  

Today Aiwa has created a global network that leverages entrepreneurial talent with local ownership in every region of the world, from Uruguay to the Netherlands to Tokyo and combines it with consolidated supply chains and shared resources. “The world is rapidly moving away from the model of a single global headquarters unilaterally making decisions for a worldwide operation, to something much more distributed and peer to peer.”  Said Aiwa Corp’s CEO Joe Born “This distributed model is exactly what we have in Aiwa now.  If we want a Silicon Valley team close to the market developing our software and a Japanese team developing the acoustic hardware, that cooperation is inherently built into this network”.

“No plan for those without goals, No action for those without plans, No results for those without action. We are inherently arming ourselves with those who have their goals aligned with ours. I am confident this global agreement is key to realizing our vision.” Said Tomonori Mitsui, President of Aiwa Co. (Japan). “Uniting with Aiwa Corporation (US) is a confident step towards building a world- class, next-gen transformative network of strong, innovative organizations; all united and focused on re-building the Aiwa brand.” said Kure Shouichi, Global Business Director of Aiwa Co (Japan). 

The first products that are jointly developed by the Aiwa network are expected to be announced in the fourth quarter of 2020

About Aiwa 

Aiwa is a global brand dedicated to the passionate pursuit of bringing people together around music. They produce category-leading devices by following the simple formula of delivering "twice the hardware" of their competitors and providing world-class customer service. 


Announcing the Aiwa Arc-1

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the Arc-1 Bluetooth headphone. It’s our first over-ear headphone, and we think the sound it delivers is more than worthy of the Aiwa name. This post is about our journey from idea, to concept, to shipping headphones to you.  

Who is the real Aiwa?

Recently, some of our customers have noticed different Aiwa products in other countries and asked us - “Is this your stuff? Is this you? Who is behind Aiwa, really?”, In the US and many European countries, the answer is simple - it’s us, the Aiwa Corporation you already know. We make the Exos-9 and we’re headquartered out of Chicago. Other companies own the Aiwa brand in other regions, and we’re independent from those companies - for the time being, we don’t sell their products, they don’t sell ours.

The Four Phases Of Innovation In Consumer Electronics

 Aiwa CEO Joe Born

By Aiwa CEO Joe Born

Over 20 years in consumer electronics, I have witnessed a great deal of disruption, turmoil, growth and collapse. Commodification of electronics hardware and manufacturing, the rise of smartphones, the fall of physical media – have all been exhilarating or harrowing, depending on which side of the equation you sit on. Through all this, the meaning of my mandate as an inventor and entrepreneur has only become more clear.