The Four Phases Of Innovation In Consumer Electronics

 Aiwa CEO Joe Born

By Aiwa CEO Joe Born

Over 20 years in consumer electronics, I have witnessed a great deal of disruption, turmoil, growth and collapse. Commodification of electronics hardware and manufacturing, the rise of smartphones, the fall of physical media – have all been exhilarating or harrowing, depending on which side of the equation you sit on. Through all this, the meaning of my mandate as an inventor and entrepreneur has only become more clear.

It's a joy. Not a job.

By Aiwa VP of Operations Nan Teske “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”   Yeah, we just quoted Aristotle. And he’s absolutely right. At Aiwa, exceptional customer service is not a job, it’s a culture. We’re not happy unless we’ve exceeded...

A Simple Formula for Better Equipment

By Aiwa CEO Joe Born

We grew up with home audio, we know the power of great music and a great stereo to set the tone, to fill a room, not with noise, but with a mood. We’re building products that are laser focused on delivering that experience to the people that understand it.

News Release: Aiwa Launches The Exos-9

The Exos-9, launched today by Aiwa, is a new portable Bluetooth speaker designed for serious, powerful sound.

CHICAGO — March 17, 2015
Aiwa announced today the launch of its new product, the Exos-9. With 100W of sound and 5 active drivers, the Exos-9 is the only portable Bluetooth speaker that can actually replace an entire home stereo.

Aiwa: Bringing Music Out Of The Background

Like many people, we grew up in a home with a “real” stereo. Music wasn’t just a background for our times together, it was more of a foundation. Saturday afternoons, holidays, and parties wouldn’t have been the same without a proper stereo to play music. Unfortunately, those experiences just don’t happen as often, since a lot of today’s audio equipment is so focused on solo listening. We’re taking this opportunity to bring these experiences back with modern audio formats and technology.